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In Wordle+, Player can be guessed in six attempts. A 5-letter word is required for each guess. Submit by pressing the Enter key. The color of the tiles will vary depending on how near your guess was to the word. Enjoin!

How to play

The gameplay is straightforward: Six tries are all that is required to guess the hidden word (anything from 4 to 11 letters). To begin, simply enter any word on the first line of the document you wish to search. A green highlight indicates that the letter has been correctly guessed and is in the correct position; a yellow highlight indicates that the letter has been incorrectly guessed and the gray highlight indicates that the letter has not been correctly guessed. Attempts to guess the secret word are limited to six.

To begin, simply type in any five-letter word to learn which letters correspond to the ciphertext's secret phrase. You'll have a total of six chances to figure out what the secret word is. Discover the secret word's letters

If any of the letters are highlighted in yellow, it means that the hidden word contains this letter, but that it is not located exactly where it should be. If a letter is highlighted in green, it means that word or phrase contains that letter. It's not in the hidden word if the letter stays gray. Try to decipher the cryptic clue.

To win this game, all you need to know are a few letters with the exact location (green) and a few letters that are part of the word (yellow).

Wordle's Rule

The primary objective of the game is to correctly guess the hidden word in six attempts. In order to find the target word's letters, you must enter a word of 4 to 11 letters in each of the following lines. The letters will be highlighted in one of three colors based on the word you entered.

Marking with a different color:

No, the letter isn't even in the target word.

An incorrectly positioned letter is still present in the word, however.

In the word and where it should be, this letter is present and correct.

If you want to win, you must correctly guess the word that is hidden (all letters are green).

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