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The online word-guessing game Wordle, which uses a simple 6x5 grid structure, has garnered a vast global player community, with over 2 million daily players. In the process of playing, you may unwittingly take up new vocabulary words. There is no greater benefit than engaging in a pleasurable pastime that also challenges your critical thinking and lexical skills. Practice makes perfect, both in gaming and in real life.

How to play

Learning how to play Wordle is a lot of fun and is open to anyone who wants to give it a try. Kids and grownups alike are encouraged to join in on the action. The use of a simple 65 grid. You can only use one word to make a guess up to six times per day, but those should all be correct if you want to win the puzzle game. The proportion of correct responses decreases by one gray, one yellow, and one green with each try.


Find the hidden word within 6 tries to win the game. To complete each line, type a 4-to-11-letter word including the focus characters. One of three colors can be used to highlight the letters depending on the word you enter.
Using color to tell things apart:

That letter isn't present in the actual term.
One letter is there, but it doesn't belong in that spot.
It's capitalized and located at the proper spot in the word.
To win, you must determine the hidden word (all letters are green).

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