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Words Detective Bank Heist

Words Detective Bank Heist

Become the world's best detective investigating crimes in Words Detective Bank Heist. To unravel mysterious and twisted investigations, decode each vocabulary clue. Each new vocabulary word will help you decode difficult tasks step by step. Use your intelligence and logical reasoning to decode the mysteries!

How to play

It's time to show off your quick wits, like a talented detective. Your mission is to investigate and decode mysterious and thrilling stories. Step by step, figure out each word to collect data for your investigation. Arrange the letters provided in order to find the secret word. After submitting a prediction, the game reveals how accurate the word is.

  • If the crossword turns green, that means the letter is in the correct position.
  • If the crossword turns yellow, it means the letter is correct but is in the wrong position.
  • If a letter appears gray in the crossword, it indicates that it is not part of the secret word and requires removal.

Rely on this color hint to refine and narrow your prediction to find the secret word the fastest. Each correctly predicted word will reveal a segment of the case's picture for decoding. Open all of the pictures in order to deduce, decode, and solve the fastest criminal investigation!


Touch / Mouse

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