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Airportle, a new daily word puzzle with a more global viewpoint, challenges players to predict a three-letter IATA airport code. This game, which makes use of airport IATA codes, is a good method to see how well you know your airports. Every day, a new puzzle appears on the popular Wordle platform, and you have six chances to guess correctly.

How to play

There are several similarities between the Airportle rules and those of the ordinary Wordle rules. When attempting to estimate a three-letter airport identification code, your selections are limited to six. If you correctly predict a letter and it appears in the correct place in the airport code, the square will change color to green. If a letter is in the code but not where it should be, it will change orange; otherwise, it will remain grey.

At the correct spot, there is a S in the IATA code

IATA code N is spelled improperly, and the letter is situated in the wrong place.

In the IATA code, there is no mention of the letter A.

The rules of Airportle

There are a lot of similarities between Airportle and Wordle. You have six chances to estimate the three-letter identification code of an airport (LHR for London Heathrow, CDG for Paris Charles de Gaulle, and so on). The square will turn green if you enter the airport code correctly and correctly. Letters that aren't in the correct location in the code will turn orange, and letters that aren't in the code will remain grey.

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