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Cladder is a fresh take on the popular word game Wordle that introduces a new level of strategy. In contrast to other alternatives, players in this game have one minute to identify 10 words based on clues. To find the solution, start with a four-letter seed word and change one letter.


You will be given 10 clues to the puzzle, and you have 60 seconds to figure it out. It is simple to become fixated on a clue, especially when pressed for time. To obtain the solution, you must replace one letter from the previous word. You must wait to play the following problem if you finished the one from today. The fresh puzzle will be available for play every day at midnight.

Some tips for playing Cladder

  • A word appears in the grid box.
  • Make a guess and alter one of the grid's letters.
  • You will have the opportunity to discover it if your estimate was inaccurate. You only have 60 minutes to figure out the riddle.
  • You win the wordle if your prediction is accurate.

If you can't solve the puzzle after 60 seconds, Cladder Wordle shows the statistics along with the solution. Would you like to play the word game Cladder? Play now!

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