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Dawdl is an open access online word guessing game that anybody may play. The idea is to arrive at the solution with the fewest number of assumptions. With this new Wordle game, we are confident that you will enjoy yourself even more. Don't hesitate any longer and invite your pals right away.

How to play

Your goal in Dawdl is to decipher an encrypted word in a finite amount of guesses. Which letters are in the proper spots and which are not are still communicated to you.  However, some rules must be followed:

  • No two incorrect letters can coexist in the same location.
  • It's important to use the correct letters in the correct contexts.
  • This is akin to Wordle's Hard Mode, although not being quite the same.

Feeling ready? To avoid missing the alluring perks, try to play Dawdl.


  • Vivid 2D colour images.
  • It's critical to avoid some possible dangers.
  • Some of the stages are challenging to pass.
  • A fun and interesting game.


Help Dawdl accomplish a variety of activities by using the keyboard and mouse. To rapidly find the right answers, use the information given.

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