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If you are a fan of stories, you will enjoy the puzzle game Nordle. Both the title and the subject matter are sure to garner attention. Inspired by dordle and quordle, Nordle allows players to solve as many wordles as they desire at simultaneously.

How to play

You'll need to input a 5-letter term when you sign up for Nordle, and then you'll get instant feedback on several different terms at once. Players compete to uncover hidden words by clicking and dragging the mouse about the game board and filling in the blank spaces with those words. You have n + 5 guesses to accurately guess every word. Make sure your input is a complete sentence that includes a minimum of one five-letter word before submitting it.

For each given value of n, a new difficulty arises daily. Another way of putting it is that there will always be something new to figure out. After each guess, the word's color will change to reflect the accuracy with which the guess was made.


To type a word, press the letter you want to delete from the beginning of the word, backspace to delete the final character, and then press enter to confirm.

The following schemes were used to color the alphabet.

For each letter, the indicator will either be green if it is in the correct location inside the word or orange if it is present within the word but not in the intended location.

A deep gray color if the letter isn't used in the term.

If you like word games and think it would be fun to solve interesting puzzles by yourself. You may play of games like Nordle as being similar to Dordle and Quordle but allowing you to solve any quantity of simultaneous problems of your

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