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Polyordle is an updated version of Wordle that allows players to customize game settings such as the number of boards and the number of possible moves. The name is dynamic and adapts to the number of Wordles chosen. Sedecordle consists of 16 individual Wordles strung together. But if you're looking for a lot more, Polyordle is the best option because you can play as many words as you'd like simultaneously.

How to play

It doesn't matter how many boards you feed into the Polyordle game in the beginning; the game will continue to play with as many as you feed in. There are as few as five words needed for the simplest solution, and as many as a thousand for the most complex. In order to win quickly, the player must correctly identify the polyordle with as few guesses as possible.

The first column is where you enter a random five-letter word, similar to Wordle. The tiles then shift colors, giving you a chance to guess what comes next. The tiles will light up in green if you use the correct letter in the correct space. Tiles will turn yellow if you use the correct letter in the wrong spot. Just by looking at the tiles, you should be able to figure out what each word means.


  • Free, Massively-Multiplayer Online Games.
  • You can choose from a wide variety of units to learn about and apply in your work.
  • Possibilities on both hands.

Cinenerdle is another option; in order to win a round, players must correctly guess 100 words. However, it is time-consuming and might become monotonous. Wordle's multi-word cousins Quordle, Octordle, and Dordle are also fun to experiment with.

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