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Quintessential is a free, online word guessing game with a steamy plot that everyone may play. Over the course of eight slides, all players must search for five concealed keywords. The correct order can be obtained by quickly exchanging the misplaced letters with their correct counterparts.

How to play

Players try to properly predict all five horizontal words in as few moves as possible. The letters must be swapped and unscrambled in order to solve the problem. In as few as eight moves, it is possible to win this game. This is far more challenging than the original Wordle game, which just required you to guess a single five-letter word.

To begin, you'll need to form words by swapping letters. The correct letter is in the correct location if the tile is green, in the wrong location if the tile is yellow, and absent from the word if the tile is gray. To help you out, the game begins with a few green letters that are stuck in place and can't be moved. The number of utilized moves is displayed at the grid's bottom. Playing with as few movements as possible is the objective.

Quintessential rule

  • Essential guideline: green means the letter is both in the correct position and the appropriate keyword.
  • The keyword is yellow, but the word is at a little different spot.
  • The keyword is gray, but the missing letter makes it grayer.


  • Exciting 2D imagery.
  • Fun to play, but not without its challenges.
  • Inputting a large lexical range on the keyboard.
  • Numerous waves of enemies need to be stopped.

Our Word Game Library not only includes Quintessential, but also a number of other exciting titles like Wizarding Wordle. At last, I hope for your success.

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