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Test your color recognition abilities in the game Shadle. A puzzle game that stimulates your brain and vision. With the given hex color code, make a prediction about the area color using the selected color set. A lot of interesting color knowledge is waiting for you to discover and decode!

How to play

Jump into this riot of a journey. Each day, you'll be given a hex color code and asked to use the color picker to determine what color it corresponds to. Colors can be broken down into their individual hue, saturation, and value components, and each must be deciphered for an accurate prediction. The color picker is a useful tool for discovering the correct hue from its hexadecimal representation. Hue, saturation, and value are its constituent colors. Your mission is to make each color correspond to what you think the hex code actually signifies.

As you adjust the sliders, the color picker will recommend variations on the color you've selected:

  • The gray circle represents an incorrect value for the shade.
  • According to the icon, the orange circle represents a shadow that is only off by one value.
  • If the shade is correct, the circle will turn green to indicate this.

Create an educated approximation for the hex code's corresponding color based on your recommendations and observations. To ensure a perfect match, tweak the color's hue in the color picker. Check how close you were to the correct color by comparing it to your guess. The Game is a treat for the eyes of everyone who enjoys aesthetics, whether you're a designer, an artist or just someone who loves vibrant hues.

If you want to challenge yourself with an expanded and more challenging word guessing game, you can try the new variation of Wordle which is Extendle. Have fun!


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