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Welcome to the Moo-rdle word guessing game! A player has nine chances to correctly guess the hidden word. Lots of cool new puzzles are waiting for you. Try now!

How to play

Enjoyable and easy to access, Moo-rdle may be played online at no cost. A total of nine guesses at the secret word are available to each player. A valid and relevant five-letter term must be used to fill in the blank, and players are responsible for finding it. Isn't that fascinating? The time to visit Moo-rdle with your pals is now.


  • Colorful depictions.
  • Motivational payouts.
  • Laughable games.
  • It has a very easy-to-use UI.


Input is done with mouse clicks and text entry on the keyboard for the blank box. Therefore, you should fill in the blanks with real 5-letter words that imply something, with no repeated letters. To send, press Enter. There will be the letters "moo" and "arrow" after each estimate. The term "moo" denotes a word that is present but not where it should be. If an arrow points in the right direction, it indicates that your estimate contains the proper letter.

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