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Optimle, an enjoyable word-guessing game, was inspired by the famous word game Wordle. The popular word game Wordle by PowerLanguage has been given a new twist in Optimle. It takes a pre-populated table of probable outcomes to find a strategy that guarantees a win in exactly 2 guesses.

How to play

Each player will get a prediction table in advance and be asked to devise a plan to win with just two guesses. In this game, there are two sets of words: a shorter "secret list" of fairly popular keywords that you are not allowed to guess, and a longer "open list" that you are. Isn't that fascinating? Don't wait to join Optimple and miss out on amazing opportunities.


The strengths of innate intelligence.

Ability to reshuffle and gain some insight.

Quite a few different avenues to explore.

Two-dimensional, colorful, and animated.


In these mini-games, players have to swiftly click and input the proper word into a blank box. Words will be displayed after each guess, with the correct letter in blue, the erroneous letter in yellow, and the missing letter in gray.

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