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The latest Wordle word game is called Avoidle and it challenges players to fill in as many words as they can before the Avoid word appears at the end. In Avoidle, you'll be given a word to avoid. The goal is to fill in as many words as you can before you run out of letters and the game ends. We think you'll enjoy this online game if you like quizzes or puzzles.

How to play

Please provide four words of at least five letters each. Try to use as many of the alphabet's letters as possible. However, including red letters in your words will not increase your score. You won't get any bonus points either if you try to use a letter you haven't tried before. Aim for the highest score possible! The maximum possible score is twenty. Each key on the keyboard corresponds to a certain number of points. The score increases with the rarity of the letter.


  • Playing this Wordle-like game is simple, but there are a few guidelines you should follow:
  • Up to three times, you may use any letters that aren't in the Avoid word.
  • Any letter in the Avoid word may be used as many times as desired, but it must appear in each of the following words.
  • It has to be right next to the phrase "Avoid".


  • Amusing game play.
  • Configuration is quick and colourful.
  • Flat, two-dimensional images.
  • We provide a rainbow of 20 hues to choose from.

Word game websites like DawdlRevertle, Furdle, also include fun alternatives to Avoidle. You have my best wishes.

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